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Cell: 415-218-2539  email:

I cater to a diverse clientele, from first-time buyers to all-cash developers. I complete as many as 40 transactions every year in San Francisco

As one of the top-ranked agents in San Francisco, I have developed strong relationships with all of the other top SF agents; this is an important factor to consider when choosing an agent since your agent's connections to other high-ranking local agents will help sell your property or get your offer accepted if you are buying.

Since 2002 I have specialized in TIC sales and development in San Francisco. (I closed 29 TIC sales in  2021 alone; most agents sell 1-5 max in a ten-year career).  I have closed over 300 TIC transaction sides (buyer and/or seller), more than any other single agent ever. If you are considering buying, selling, or developing TICs in San Francisco, you should contact me:

Cell: 415-218-2539  or email:

As a part of TIC development, I have represented investors on scores of multi-unit building transactions. I have extensive knowledge of the San Francisco rent control ordinance, condo conversion rules, TIC development analysis, and building value analysis, including cap rates, gross rent multiplier value, and price per sqft, I have listed and sold many multi-unit buildings and I have analyzed hundreds of buildings for potential TIC development value.  

I also focus on San Francisco Single-Family Homes and Condominiums (over $135 Million sold).

My extensive experience (beginning in 2002) and expertise in the San Francisco real estate market will benefit you whether you want to buy or sell in San Francisco.

My marketing will make sure the right people see your property. I also specialize in off-market sales if you prefer to sell privately.

I have a full design/construction/staging team to do all the work needed.

As your agent, I will:

  • Complete a comparative market analysis that compares your property's value to current listings and recent sales.

  • Present your property to as many qualified buyers as possible, getting maximum exposure.

  • Help you stage your property and generate curb appeal to ensure that you get the highest price.

  • Obtain offers and help you negotiate the best deal as smoothly as possible.

Buying property? I will help you find the home of your dreams by taking the time to listen and understand your needs and desires. Once I know what you want, I will work tirelessly to find the right home for you, because no one should have to compromise when it comes to such a huge purchase.


As a member of Top Agent Network (TAN), a private online community limited to the top 10% of San Francisco Realtors, I have access to off-market listings and pre-MLS listings to give my buyer clients the inside scoop on today's competitive market. For my seller clients, I am able to promote my listings to the top agents in the city before they go on MLS, giving your property extra attention before it goes on the market.

I will always be available for personal service, so please contact me with questions, I actually answer my phone!

Anthony Koutsos


Please see listed below a number of organic, non-solicited text messages and emails from clients who have worked with me

If you would like to leave a review, please go to this link 


Hello Anthony-


We know it has been a wild ride supporting us from tenants to TIC homeowners.

We greatly appreciate your perseverance, attentiveness, and guidance.

Thank you for making yourself so available and for sharing all your experience, it greatly benefited us.


The process was so big and confusing, which certainly stirred so much up in us. 

Your consistent and broad support really made the whole thing possible.


We know not everyone would have showed up the way you did.

We thank you greatly!


Sending well-wishing to you!


Warmly-Danielle and Anthony


 Thank you so very much Anthony!!!!  You really did a great job, the whole process from beginning to end was so seamless and drama-free and you delivered exactly what I asked for. Thanks again.


Anthony, thank you so much for helping us through this process. This deal never would have happened without you — you truly are the king of TICs! We could not have asked for a better real estate agent. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!


By the way, what is a good delivery address for you? We heard you are a big fan of espresso, so we got you a yearlong whole bean seasonal espresso delivery subscription from Ritual as a thank you present. I just need to know what address to tell them to send it to and you should receive your bag soon!


Thank you again!!!!!!




 I know you probably hear this from all of your clients but I just want to say thank you for being such a genuine person to work with.  My husband and I have toured many houses and we've had a really crazy range of experiences in dealing with the seller's agent.  This house really felt right and I just can't tell you how much I appreciate your honest approach.  


Thank you again and we look forward to working with you.


Have a great day!



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